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Qualified motorbike guide

The tours are guided by the hotel owner himself. As a qualified guide he takes pride in introducing you to some of the loveliest places in the Alps.

Christian Reich
A competent biker with a hands-on experience

Christian, himself a keen motorbiker, has pretty well perfected the art of the motorbike holiday. He knows exactly what each different type of motorbiker is looking for, and is always ready with just the right tour suggestions. If you have problems he’s there beside you, screwdriver in hand, ready with advice and assistance. He can provide you with tyres, lubricants and cleaning materials, all at very reasonable rates. And, naturally, he is familiar with the all most exhilarating banks of hairpin bends and knows all the best places to stop for a drink.

Christian Reich
Christian Reich

Christian´s career on 2 wheels

Unable to wait any longer, I was riding my first moped at the age of 15. Having said that, I was barely 16 when I ended up in hospital with a broken leg! After two years of mopeds and motocross I bought my first proper motorbike, an RD 350. By now I had really caught the 2-stroke bug, and it wasn’t long before I acquired an NSR400R; after that came an RD500 and then an RGV 500, which really went like a bomb!


1990 was a year of abstinence. Quite apart from doing my military service I had very little money, but I still managed to get in a bit of motocross.


In 1991 I bought my first FZR 1000, which enabled me to get quite a few high-speed miles under my belt, riding through the local mountains and taking part in the annual 24 hour run from Le Castelet to the renowned Bol Dor.

When I took over the hotel from my parents in 1995, I thought I wouldn’t have any time left for motorcycling, and resigned myself to selling everything. But it wasn’t long until I just had to have another motocross bike. Then I hit upon the idea of turning the place into a motorbikers’ hotel. Suddenly I had all the time I needed to go motorcycling, accompany tours, qualify as a tour guide, do race training, etc. It’s the stuff of dreams, turning your hobby into your work.

So the years rolled by, and by now I think I’ve competed on just about anything and everything that runs on two wheels. In 2001 I came into sudden involuntary contact with a large obstacle, but was lucky that this happened on the race-track. In 2003 I competed in a couple of Supermoto National Championship races, but I discovered it was really track racing I preferred. So now I race several times a year on the track, and have had quite a few instances involving “sudden involuntary contacts”; in spite of this I would thoroughly recommend this sport to any motorcyclist. It induces an incredible sense of security and perfection to your riding, a classic case of "learning by doing", as they so nicely put it.

Nowadays I travel some 30,000 kilometres a year on motorbikes, both on normal roads, with all the dirt and dust, as well as on the race track. And, amazing as it may seem, it’s never boring, and I enjoy it today as much as I did when I started out. Actually it’s even better, because now I can take pride in raising the standard of my riding to a high degree of proficiency. It is this accumulated experience which I am delighted to pass on to you. 

Wishing you an enjoyable partnership with your bike and a firm grip on your front wheel!